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How To Resolve The Paper Jam Issue in Dell V305 Printer?

It is the really annoying moment when you stick with your Dell Printer because of its paper jam issues. It badly hampers the productivity, especially when you are dealing with your business or working in busy office environment. There are several reasons for this issue such as incompatible, torn, dump and wrinkled paper. These issues are somewhat inevitable, it can occur time to time but by taking care of certain thing this glitch can be minimized as much as possible. Comparatively, Dell V305 printer comes with the small size, therefore removing the jammed paper is rather a simple process in this printer.

Dell Printer Support Australia Presents You With The Complete Solution To Fix This Issue.

You just need to follow these described steps for clearing the paper jam error:

  • Press the power button to turn off the Dell V305 printer and disconnect the power cord from the main
  • Gently open the device body and pull out the stack carefully. If this is disheveled and trapped in the drawer then try to pull it out softly.
  • If the stack is not visible then elevate the scanner to access the sheet. Make sure, you have removed all the torn and trapped fragment of paper.
  • Put the sheet on the flat surface and make it in the proper condition, make sure the paper you are using is compatible with the printer. Furthermore, it should be in the same size and type.
  • Close the scanner and reload the sheet. Push the gently to place it in the right position. Turn on the device and reprint the documents again. It should work now.

These are basically the simple steps our experts have explained you. But there may be other cause for this glitch. If you are not satisfied with process provided then you can seek help from techies. Just connect with Dell Printer Support Australia 1800-431-355 and get the instant resolutions for all your problems. They will not only assist you with this particular issue but also provide the well-described solution in some other similar issue.

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