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How To Fix The Offline Status Of Dell Printer?

Dell Printer Showing Offline Dell is the well-known name in the printing industry and considerably considered as producing the reliable printing device. However, there is no wonder if it stops working or showing the printer offline status even after it seems to have properly connected. But most of the time, you can bring your offline printer back to the online with just a few clicks on your window. The experts have also provided you the further troubleshooting steps if the window doesn’t fix this particular issue.

Following The Step To Dell Printer Fix Offline

  • Sometimes, rebooting the printer and the computer can fix the issues, shut your device off and reboot it after 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure the light is flashing green on the back of the device.
  • Open your computer and hit the “Start” button followed by “Device and Printer” right-click on your printing device and choose the option “what’s printing”. Doing so will open the “Print window spooler”.
  • Remove the check mark next to the option Use printer offline this should bring your device online if not then proceed with the further steps. Close that window and back to the main window.
  • At this point, there may be the problem with the device driver, open your browser and navigate to the Dell official website. Put there your device’s information along with the operating system of your computer and download the latest driver. Install that by following the on-screen instruction and check if it is still working or not.
  • If the issue still not resolved then just type “Troubleshooter” in the box at right upper corner of the control panel. Hit the troubleshooting link when it appears. Select Printer troubleshooting option and follow the instruction to finish rest of the task. It will detect the issues automatically and fix them.

When you see the problem is not dwindling at all instead on the verge of rising, then approaching an expert would be a wise decision. Delaying could lead to further damage of printing machine and can even hinder your task, so be an alert customer to sort your issue by availing the suitable measures from our helpdesk.