Dell Printer Not Responding
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How To Fix Non-Responding Dell Printer?

Dell Printer Not Working Have you just started your Dell printer and found that it’s not responding even after two or three attempts? The power light is on and everything seems to be ok but still no response and showing printer offline status. This can increase your frustration but before you go and kill your printing device, you should apply the few easy fixes described by the expert. There could be the multiple reasons for this particular issue, some are simple causes and some can be the complex, so let’s check the step by step process to troubleshoot the issue.

Affix ‘Not Responding’ problem

  • Connect your printer to your computer via USB cable and see there is an icon indicating that the printer is connected or detected by the computers. If there is no any such icon it means your device is not connected to the computer. In this case, there may be the problem with USB driver, they may be outdated or damaged. Installing the right USB driver could fix the issues.
  • If you see the icon with the errors messages such as “USB device is not recognized” or “Unknown USB device” then there may be the problem with the printer’s driver. Uninstall the device driver, get the updated version and reinstall it.
  • Update your driver, this doesn’t only fix many of the printing issues but also prevent them by its troubleshooting wizard. For this, go to the device manager and right-click on the printer’s driver and choose “Update” option.

So, troubleshoot your menace by following the above guidelines or take the help of the experts which have years of experience in solving the technical problems at one go. Whenever you feel that your printer is not responding, just contact us and especially if you are not a tech-savvy, without wasting time right away take the guidance of an adroit and set yourself free from it.