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How To Fix ‘Not Printing Issues’ Of Dell Printer?

Dell Printer Not Printing Anything Using a printer has become quite common in every home and along with it comes certain glitches that annoy you and impede your task. Few of them are finishing of ink cartridge, printer printing blank pages, drying of ink cartridge, wireless printer issues and many more. Here, you are recommended with few troubleshooting measures to eradicate the menace.

Follow The Guidelines To Cure Your Dell Printer

  • First of all, be sure that you are using the updated version of all the windows .
  • Start the process by disconnecting the printer and uninstalling the printer drivers from your computer.
  • Restart the computer to again download the suitable drivers.
  • Select either of them according to your system, XP Drivers,Vista 32-bit Drivers, Vista 64-bit Drivers and All other drivers available on the list.
  • And look after the network connection thoroughly.

To Fix Your Dell Printer, These Are The Instructions You Have To Follow

Re-installing and updating the drivers mostly resolves the issues but if you need to get an Offline Printer Fix, you will have to reset the network connection. Set your printer on these modes to resolve the network issues and connect it to the computer to start printing.

  • Update the firmware in your wireless device.
  • Transmit or broadcast the Service Set Identifier (SSID).
  • Apply the WPA-PSK personal security for a safer exchange of data.
  • Set the frequency for 1, 6 or 11 channel.
  • After performing these methods, you will need to switch off all devices and try to connect after 30 seconds

You can connect with the official technicians and register a complaint under this section, Printer Not Printing. Dell has been providing solutions and relevant help for all the errors and troubles faced by their devices including printers and computers. You can avail their services at any hour of the day.